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— by marilyn sabejon marilyn sabejon
Feb. 25,2014


Long time ago most of the people used a computer for their different purposes. But they also have many problems about their computers and one the most problem they encounter is the network or connection of the computer. But the programmers have a solution for that problem. And that why we got an idea that we make a program that could help for the companies, employers, business man and other users of the computer to solve their problem. So we decided to make an OPTIMIZER, this optimizer could help many users of a computer to maintain the connection or loading of their computers. People could buy our OPTIMIZER OR MAINTENANCE SYSTEM by ONLINE so it didn’t hard for the users of the computer to buy it in any computer shops.
The OPTIMIZER could also used in any companies for their maintenance connection of their computers, and also for the schools, and individual users. This system is available in any computer users.