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                In every Barangay it composed of hundreds of number of household. Barangay Officials have some difficulty in writing down all the information they need about the household owner and its members. Every time they do their jobs they take time to finish it and some of their parts of the body were in pain specially their back, hands and etc. So we decided to construct a system which helps them ease the pain they’ve been feeling and minimize the time they will consumed and can proceed to other papers.
                The system we made also help to officiate easily search the Information of a household they want to know. It helps especially when a calamity came. It  help them to know who will they evacuate first or put full attention and in times of distribution of relief they can print out the names household or family that affected by the calamity . They don’t have to conduct a survey to get the names of families of their barangay to distribute the relief to all the families. Families will not talk about how they distribute the relief. They will not think that there’s a bias.
                We conduct a system not just because we also concern about the workers of the barangay but because we also concern from the people living in and also we concern about the relationship of officials and people. Cause the officials cannot do their  job properly if their people don’t trust them if the people get  mad of them and people wouldn’t trust  and treat the officials if they don’t’ judge fairly.

Prepared by: Joan. Baronda , Adizas, Ailyn, Villaruel, Cheryl